Never stop dreaming

Destiny, 15 years old, Slovakia
Harry Potter lover, books reader, chocolate eater, definitely dreamer.

I hope this brings a moment of peace and calm into your life. Recognizing that anxiety is a problem for many people and is not so easily expressed.

“One terrible truth I’ve discovered is that sometimes we don’t just have a bad day or a bad month… Sometimes we have a bad year. Sometimes we feel like we have no control over the endless waves of bad luck we seem to be experiencing.. But one thing you do have control over is your outlook. Your mindset is yours to control and as hard as it is to step back from the situation and have blind faith that things will change and get better, it’s our only option other than ending up in a downward spiral. People can shoot cameras into my windows and make things up about me every day, but they can’t get into my head. Please don’t let these people into your pretty head and your beautiful mind. I love you and am wishing you the best every step of the way.” - taylorswift

Benches by (BeboFlickr)